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Car technology systems for road safety

Driving a car is one of the most common activities, but also one of the most dangerous. Traffic accidents are among the leading causes of death in many countries.

Imagine you’ve had a hell of a day’s work, or you’re coming back from an intense vacation in another city and the dream is about to beat you. In this state you start zigzagging without even noticing. As a new sensor located at the front of the roof monitors the lateral movements of your vehicle and gives you a sound alert once the car approaches the lane dividing line without the directional lights activated.

But fortunately the new technologies allow us to equip our machines with devices and mechanisms capable of reducing the chances of accidents, or better protecting the passengers once involved in them.

Some decades ago, seat belts, anti-lock brakes and airbags seemed to be the last cards on deck, and although they continue to protect drivers and companions, the latest technologies have elevated the automotive industry to a new step: the era of digitised systems.

Numerous devices including cars today are designed to ensure greater safety for drivers and greater comfort in travel. The ALD Automotive fleet management and renting company reviews the most frequent ones that are also available to its customers in their vehicles. These are:

Night vision system

It allows drivers to improve their visibility at night or on light days. The iDrive screen allows you to see the obstacles that may arise on the road.

Automatic emergency braking system

It modifies the speed and trajectory of the vehicle without the driver’s intervention to prevent possible collisions against unexpected elements.

Cross-traffic alert (blind spot)

It is a system that warns when a vehicle approaches due to the dead angle of the car. Also alert when reversing and visibility is not good; when leaving a battery parking, for example.

Head – up Display)

The images on the screen are also projected on the moon of the vehicle directly, allowing the driver to see them without diverting the view from the road.

Rear cameras

They help by turning back during parking allowing you to see what’s behind us. This device not only makes parking easier, it also increases security by allowing us to see possible obstacles that arise suddenly: a child crossing behind the car, for example.

SIM card in vehicles

A SIM card integrated in the vehicle and a’ black box ‘ that stores data allow to considerably expand the interaction with the vehicle: we can open and close it with an application from the mobile, know its location or delimit a traffic area, among many other possibilities. This technology is currently under development.

Emergency call e-Call

This system will be mandatory from 2018 for newly approved cars. It is a red SOS button and serves to make an emergency call automatically in case of collision. This call can also be made manually. In any case, the vehicle occupants will contact the manufacturer’s pre-established call centre to report the circumstances of the accident. The e-Call system also makes it possible to geolocalize the vehicle, preventing the accident from having to provide information about its location. They already include several marks on their vehicles.

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