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Technological resources for persons with disabilities

Thanks to technological development, people with disabilities make every day progress towards their digital and social integration on an equal footing. The integrative role of the new technologies is unquestionable and, thanks to the support systems for persons with disabilities, effective integration in the Labour and social field is promoted …

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IT productivity works

Information technologies (it) have a lot to contribute to business processes, to the point that none of these can be thought of without the participation of those processes. To say that it is essential to improve company productivity is something that is very clear in the light of experience. But …

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Technologies at the service of man

Information and communication technologies are in continuous development. As the years go by, technological advances are becoming increasingly complex and important. The aim of putting technology at the service of man is to make life easier for people. Let’s look at some examples of growing technologies: Robotic In recent decades …

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