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Benefits of business software

The modern business not only thinks about technology, but also is not afraid to make the most of it for its marketing goals. We cannot escape the undeniable fact that the practicality of digital versus conventional resources is greater in any process of the marketing cycle: from design and manufacturing …

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Increasing vulnerabilities of technological systems

Data from the analysis of Android and iOS security systems during 2017 were recently presented, examining how the threat and vulnerability scenario evolved during this period. In a dialogue with companies & businesses, Cecilia Pastorino of ESET explained that with regard to information security, and especially computer systems, there is …

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Big technological challenges for companies, and how to overcome them

As technology is constantly evolving, small and medium-sized enterprises need to adapt to meet increasingly demanding customer needs. In fact, many business owners or managers try to avoid having to deal with technological problems because of uncertainty and lack of knowledge. It doesn’t have to happen to you. With a …

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