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Continuous improvement of Service

We must offer services tailored to our customers ‘ requirements. Continuous service improvement requires continuous monitoring and valid measurement of activities and processes, conformity, quality, performance and value Implement Deming cycle for IT service improvement The PDCA cycle is set as follows: Plan + Do + Check + Act. This …

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Technological innovation and types

Any company offering a product or service to consumers must take into account that these elements will not last forever. The needs are changing, both in the citizens and in the industry itself, and it is therefore essential that companies are updated from time to time. It is in this …

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Software types, what is the best for your business?

If you’re looking for the ideal management software for your beauty center, beauty salon, hairdresser, barbershop, health, Spa or tattoo studio, you’re probably focused on finding one that fits your budget and carries the tools you need. In the market, there are for all tastes, but what are the types …

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