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ISO 9001 Certification For Quality Products

The International Organization for Standardization (abbreviated to ISO) conducts standards for institutes which are organized in more than 159 countries across the globe. The ISO has its head office in Geneva, Switzerland. In simple terms ISO certification is given to an organization in order to indicate that the organization has good standards and it is working well with its employees and its customers. The International Organization for Standardization is not a Government organization. It acts as a bridge in between the private and the public sector and brings out good standards for many organizations across a variety of industries.

There are many standards that are released by the ISO. One of the standards is the ISO 9001 certification. The reason why an organization may require the ISO 9001 certification is to ensure that the company has a very good quality management system in place and can then confirm this to their customers. Also, if an organization has ISO 9001 certification it can ensure to its suppliers that it is following a good standard regarding it’s quality management system. The main two reasons for going for the ISO 9001 certification are to show how effective a company’s production is as well as helping to give good recognition for other new markets concerning their company standards.

The main aspects of ISO 9001 certification are maintaining good quality of products and also to maintain low cost and high efficiency for the production process. The primary thing that is checked with ISO 9001 certification is to confirm that the quality goals that are set out in the company’s quality management system are met. It is also important that once a company gets its ISO 9001 certification they should be seeking to improve all the time. There should be an increase in productivity as well. The goals of ISO 9001 certification are to increase the efficiency, increase the revenue, establish proper decision making, achieve good supplier relationships and prepare documentation work about the company plans, a regular improvement process should be in place and on the whole a complete customer satisfaction system should be implemented.

The ISO 9001:2008 certifications have a few revised benefits and let us see a few of them in detail. The goals of the ISO 9001 are the same for all year where as a few enhancements will be added for every year. Likewise the ISO 9001:2008 certification’s benefits include cost reduction in the production of goods, greater customer satisfaction, improved product efficiency and improved productivity, reduction in the scrap and waste products. The aim is to prepare a quality product which passes the goals of the quality management system. The ISO 9001 certification itself should result in the reduction of customer claims, a proper delivery to the customer on time, providing great reliability, safety and quality to the products. So on the whole the ISO 9001 certification has many good policies for the organization and they are also ensuring that the quality of the product should be good, efficient and cost effective, with an increase in the productivity.

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