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IT productivity works

Information technologies (it) have a lot to contribute to business processes, to the point that none of these can be thought of without the participation of those processes.

To say that it is essential to improve company productivity is something that is very clear in the light of experience. But the mere introduction of technology into business processes does not guarantee higher productivity. For this to happen, a number of requirements need to be met, including a thorough knowledge of the company’s processes, detailed it needs planning and the gradual incorporation of technological systems.

The increase in company productivity is achieved by reducing costs and increasing sales, as well as optimizing resources. All this is possible with proper IT implementation.

Indeed, the use of it allows you to maximize revenue, reduce costs, better manage investments and operations, manage relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as integrated management. Automation also makes it possible to replace processes based on physical documents, achieving access to information in real time and with mobile technology, designing standardized processes to follow. With adequate and optimal use, it enables companies to produce more at a faster rate, with better quality and in less time.

Let’s look at some examples of the use of it in business processes.

  • A fundamental objective of companies is to sell their products on the market. To achieve this goal you need to present the product to your customers, which is a marketing function.
  • IT facilitates that work, for example, by using a client management system computerised (CRM, for its acronym in English) a company can better understand those who purchase their products, analyze their consumption habits and purchasing history. With this information you can better plan sales actions, as well as manage the different business areas of the organization more effectively, such as logistics.
  • It also makes it possible to make improvements in the financial management of the company, in topics such as accounting, the use of electronic banking or electronic invoicing.

The end of each project represents a milestone for an IT team, it is time to see the finished product and rejoice in the time spent, the hours of sleep left behind and the sacrifice it entailed; an initiative that changes the whole organization;n.

That I gave;a is celebració;n, everything works perfectly after thousands of bugs, hundreds of hours of slee;I say, of strategy, of attempting something that simply will not you would like to;work functions. Meetings, hours of time, perhaps even putting aside personal matters to finish the project in time.

It is delivered and three words sentence the time spent:” it doesn’t work for us”; the sales department –for whom it was created; the application;n – couldn’t;and carrying devices with such large screens. Unfortunately this is not a hypothetical example, but a real story.

In technology; a it is normal to see the IT team separately, however business and convergence between areas has made this border disappear and request the integration of technology in all positions of a business.

According to Albert Quiró;s, senior Manager, and li;der of ITRA of the lí;nea Advisory and Douglas Murillo, the director of this lí;nea, both of the consulting firm Ernst &Young (EY), irrespective of the nature of the company;to, the areas IT should focus its work in the innovation and transformation;n the business, seeking to extend its area of influence to all facets of the company;to, from human resources and finance to supply chain and product development, and highlighting the value of technology;to to the business.

Fuentes adds the example of a company;a de la regió;n, which –when starting a project – sent;aba to the IT team charged with working for a defined time in the department where they would be;they implemented the project.

That way, I learned; first-hand the real needs and I could; they could deliver a product more suited to the needs.

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