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Programs you want to run if you’re looking for money

The answer to the problem of how to get a job where I get paid more money is, like most of these days, in technology.

A research conducted by PayScale, a company specializing in wage and salary analysis in the United States, found that nine of the 10 skills or competencies that command the most substantial wage gap in that country have to do with programming languages or packages and technology programs.

It is the knowledge that makes the most significant difference: Those who learn to use Excel, for example, earn 3% more than those who do not (and this is a totally random figure we use to illustrate the case), those who master these tools can earn up to a quarter more than those who do not.

“Taking into account the explosion of technology-related work over the past decade, it is no surprise that the skills in demand are related to that sector.


It is a programming language “designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and secure font form,” he says on his website..

It is defined as a functional language, compatible with Java, the most popular programming program to date.

More in Spanish, has the advantage that it “eliminates many of the limitations of Java when writing code”, according to BBC explains to the blogger specialized computerhoy.com Victor Perez Rodriguez.

This also makes it possible to reduce the number of lines of code in question, which makes it scalable in practice (hence its name: “Sca”, by “scalable” and “La”, by language or language).

Content management systems in some newspapers such as The New York Times, The Guardian or The Huffington Post, as well as giants such as Twitter, Foursquare or Airbnb have parts written in Scala, Pérez Rodriguez points out.


This is not a programming language, but a framework: a kind of skeleton for the development of an application, explains the specialist.

“It is very useful in storing, processing and analyzing gigantic amounts of data, so its development goes hand in hand with the entire big data and cloud computing industry,” he says.

Yahoo, Facebook, IBM, and NetApp are among its users.

Analysis of Big Data

The analysis and management of massive data, “large-scale data” or Big Data is another competition that can give you an advantage in wage terms.

It has to do with the collection, storage, search, analysis and visualization of large amounts of data, including the generation of reports and statistical models that allow a mountain of numbers to be transformed into useful information for companies, organizations and businesses of all kinds.

Android SDK

It is a kit that allows you to create apps for Android.

It includes libraries, tools, images and code samples that a user without too much specialization can use to create their own app for phones that work with that system.

Following Google’s philosophy, the SDK is free of charge.


Groovy is another programming language that operates on the Java platform and uses a very similar syntax.

Because of its simplicity and integration with Java, it enjoys a certain popularity, especially among programmers who already operate the first tool.

It has been used by some general knowledge names, such as Netflix or Amazon, in some of its applications.

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