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Software types, what is the best for your business?

If you’re looking for the ideal management software for your beauty center, beauty salon, hairdresser, barbershop, health, Spa or tattoo studio, you’re probably focused on finding one that fits your budget and carries the tools you need. In the market, there are for all tastes, but what are the types of software, which usually use business like yours?

In this article, we will focus on the 2 main types, according to their form of Use and access. We will highlight the conditions of each one, what advantages it can bring to your business and what is best suited to your way of working, to trends in technology and to day-to-day needs. So if you are wondering what features the ideal management software should have for your center and what you should ask for, consider what we tell you below.

Desktop / Download / local Software.

Having a management program, downloaded to your computer, which you can access from your desktop, without having to connect to the Internet will offer you the convenience of being able to work locally at any time, whether you have a connection or not. The main drawback of downloadable management programs is mainly updates, available storage space and rigidity.

When installed on the computer, the updates they receive will be stored on the computer, taking up space and slowing down your PC or Mac. In addition, by betting on a traditional operation, your use will be more rigid and you will not be able to connect with online applications. You will be able to schedule appointments from reception, give high clients, collect services or register your stock, but in the end, their possibilities are very limited.

Software online or in the cloud.

This is the ideal one for you if you want to have all the management tasks of your center digitized! A modern business, it’s a connected business. This type of online system offers you greater flexibility, for various reasons:

  • You won’t have to install anything on your computer and therefore you won’t occupy your computer storage. Thus, system updates, as well as backup, will be saved on the server, not on your computer.
  • You will have all the information and data of your customers, your business and your staff, stored in the cloud in a secure and accessible way at all times.
  • You just need to have your computer connected to the Internet to access your email and password. It doesn’t have to be the center, you can access it from the laptop you have at home and even, from a management app with the basic tools, installed on your tablet or mobile.
  • You will be able to integrate applications and modules online, in order to enrich your system, such as an online dating calendar, a dating app, a payment gateway or an email marketing template creation tool like Mailchimp.

Know the keys to choosing a management and marketing software, suitable for your business of aesthetics, beauty, wellness, health or tattoo.

If after reading this article about the most used types of software, you decide that you are in the online world and you want to bet on digitalization, technology and a system that allows you to manage your business in a more agile way, save time and create an intelligent and optimized working method that helps you achieve your goals and grow successfully, you should know FLOWww and its advantages.

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