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Technological systems demanded by the agricultural Sector

The technological demand of agricultural enterprises is no longer something new, the need for technological resources is now indispensable, since it is necessary to optimize profits and minimize problems. The agricultural sector is a sector in which information technologies are making their way through, although not with the speed and impact when compared to other sectors.

The challenge of inserting technology still represents some uncertainty on the part of entrepreneurs, yet they have begun to perceive the great benefits they bring with them. Here are the main systems that the agricultural sector demands and that represent an alternative for all those companies that are already working in agriculture-related activities. Support system for operational management and economic agriculture Consists of management of information systems, in the majority of cases with value-added technology and with high practical utility for daily life, when the use is correct and the application is appropriate, works to meet different needs of management and seeks to control and manage specific processes, such as logistics management or systems of input or output. These applications could add as an additional item to the ERP systems that are used for the management and administration of processes and resources, and involve a great amount of applications based on important foundations of interactive data, from which to control the general management of the business of the company, and which are typically linked to other systems accessories via interfaces. Hard devices associated: computers with internet access, electronic identification devices, various sensors, GPS devices, etc.

Strategic Decision Support Systems here are all those independent systems of high computer value added, which provide analytical tools and an important density of information, useful mainly for the development of the private sector, as well as for research and development and for the regulatory management of the economic and legal activity of agricultural activity. Hard devices associated: computers with internet access, GPS devices, remote sensing sensors, and other performance monitors.

Support systems for industrial links are a multiplicity of heterogeneous systems that assist processes and actors that, in economic terms, emerge as direct and almost exclusive links of productive activity itself. This includes industrial computer design programs, software incorporated into agricultural machinery and tools, and database management systems. Hard devices associated: computers with internet access, parallel computer clusters.

Shared management and telecommunications systems database management, with multiple structures of private interaction and online public consultation with important open or semi-open databases. We also refer to generic applications and specific support for work with exchange of large data streams connection to the Internet, systems IADN (Integrated Networking of Data) and the digital processing systems (DSP) used generically in telecommunications. Hard devices associated: computers with internet access, DSP microchips, audio and video devices, servers and nodes of wireless internet connection, physical data storage servers.

These systems are aimed at agricultural enterprises and are designed to meet the administrative, operational and economic needs of the activity, using various computer tools. All of them are of particular importance to others, as they point to a technological base related to business management.

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