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Technologies at the service of man

Information and communication technologies are in continuous development. As the years go by, technological advances are becoming increasingly complex and important. The aim of putting technology at the service of man is to make life easier for people. Let’s look at some examples of growing technologies:


In recent decades Robotics has constantly evolved; new materials and advances in mechanics have led to the creation of robots that can do unimaginable tasks. Depending on its application there are various types of robots, such as industrialists, androids, space, mobile and zoomorphs. Examples of humanoid robots are Geminoid F (which looks totally human), ASIMO (helps people with reduced mobility) and Robonaut (the first humanoid robot in space).

Artificial intelligence

It is the branch of informatics that develops processes that imitate the intelligence of living beings. Its main application is the creation of machines for the automation of tasks that require intelligent behavior. Some examples are found in the area of control systems; automated scheduling; the ability to respond to diagnostics, and consultations of consumers; recognition of writing, speech, and patterns. Artificial intelligence systems are fully consolidated in fields such as economics, medicine, engineering and computer science.

Nanotechnology. It addresses the study and development of systems on the scale of atoms and molecules. The three major sectors which have attracted the greatest interest are:

  • Nanoelectronics, designed to manufacture electronic devices and computers on tiny scales.
  • Nanobiotechnology, which combines nanoscale engineering with biology to manipulate living systems or to manufacture biological-inspired materials on a molecular scale.
  • Nanomaterials, whose properties depend on how the atoms that make up them are arranged.

Quantum computing

It bases the functioning of computers on the quantum properties of particles, rather than on electrical voltages, as has traditionally been done. Its power lies in the amount of information contained in qubits or quantum bits. A qubit can use different superimposed values simultaneously; unlike bits, which take a single value at each instant. Thus, a quantum computer offers almost unlimited computing powers and, although in the development phase, quantum chips have already been created.


It is a field of Science in which various disciplines such as biology, Informatics and information technology come together. An example is biochips and organic transistors, capable of transferring the electrical signal through organic molecules. This can be used in microprocessors to mimic the functions of neurons and get computers to think and learn just as humans do. Another example is OLED organic diodes, used for the manufacture of flexible and low-consumption screens.

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